After the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, there have been protests and vigils around the world attempting to make positive change to the systemic racism across the US. There are plenty of opportunities to join in solidarity locally.

Local Protests

Whether for George Floyd, or Black Lives Matter, or for reducing police-initiated violence, virtually every town near us has been having protests in some ways. Here are some of the ones in and around Arlington.

I’m sure there are more events - if you have them for towns immediately adjacent to Arlington, let me know and I’ll add pointers.

Local Government Statements

Police departments and town governments alike are making statements condemning George Floyd’s murder, as well as discussing their actions to improve local policing.

Advocacy Resources

There are plenty of different advocacy groups out there, here are just a couple of the key ones that I’ve been following.

This will be (and has been, since the founding of the US) a long and painful process. The key will be to use this pain, energy, and international attention and pivot to effective changes that will make the lasting systemic impacts needed in both our governments (at all levels) and our culture.