Welcome to Menotomy Matters, Shane’s website all about making town governance more transparent and easier to figure out for the average voter.

All original content is my own; I will link heavily both to the official Town of Arlington, MA website, as well as several reputable local news organizations. I aim to provide both source documents as well as commentary on local issues.

I appreciate your feedback, so please do reach out if you have any factual corrections, or ideas of where to find useful information on the town website or elsewhere.

About Shane

A 22 year resident of Arlington, Shane lives with his family and cats atop the Heights just under the water tower. Our daughter enjoyed Robbins Farm Park and the Brackett School - especially Mrs. Z! - and made it through Ottoson too. We love the feel of Arlington, and appreciate the wide variety of stores and restaurants the town has attracted along Mass Ave - no longer do you need to go to Cambridge or Waltham for an awesome dinner out!

After a long career in software at IBM and a lot of volunteering in open source communities, I’m now taking a little bit of retirement early to work on meaningful projects. One of the things I’d like to work on if elected to Town Meeting is make town governance and committees more open and transparent, so the average voter can more easily understand the workings of our town.

Stay tuned for an updated bio, and I hope to talk to many of the folks in the 12th precinct soon!

Shane has a professional resume site as well about software and open source.