Here is a very small selection of useful links about town government in Arlington, MA. These focus on some of the most frequently used parts of town government. Key places on the website to try are the “I want to…” menu at the top left, and the Search box at top right.

Town Website Homepage 

Homepage of town government. Pro tip: use the Search… box on the top right; it’s pretty good.

Official Town Calendar Of Committee Meetings 

Very useful calendar showing when most town committees or official groups meet.

Arlington Annual Reports Listing 

Official list of annual reports; while pretty long, they include a lot of detail from various town committees including finance numbers.

Town Government Org Chart And Overview 

Comprehensive Arlington Government Primer (2019) written by the Envision Arlington group, includes org charts, descriptions, and details on government structure.

Town Request and Answer Tool 

Want to get something done in town government? Start here and make a trackable request on a variety of topics.

US Census Overview Data Of Arlington 

Aggregated census data about Arlington from 2010-2020.

Town Meeting Homepage 

Click through links to see data from past town meetings.

Town Website Site Map 

Sometimes when searching doesn’t seem to help, reading through the whole list of Town departments and pages helps find what you need.

Official Arlington Maps  (see also)
Other Useful Websites - Arlington List 
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