Hotel Lexington Proposed Development

A developer is proposing to buy a town property and build a new boutique hotel and restaurant at 1211 Mass Ave, between Leader Bank and the old Nicola’s restaurant. The proposal is complicated, involving the town selling a parcel to the developer (making money for the town) but pending an agreement on various zoning approvals before the Redevelopment Board. You can follow along meeting minutes and news stories below. Track this project’s Docket #3602 on my Redevelopment Board Meeting Tracker, or read my preliminary blog post about the Hotel Lexington.

Sources below are from: town committees, town budgets/finance, news sites, or citizen groups or blogs

Heights' first hotel approved as neighbors wary 

The vote for the Hotel Lexington, 1207-1211 Mass. Ave., was 5-0 following discussion lasting nearly 3 1/2 hours, which included questions about a public-access space, traffic and residents unhappy with the potential impact. UPDATED to include project conditions required.

Hotel Lexington - Learning the Rest of the Story 

ARFRR gives a detailed review of ways the currrently approved project does appear not meet town zoning requirements.

ARB Meeting with public comment on Docket 3602 for 1207-1211 Massachusetts Avenue 

With more presentations and questions for the developer, the ARB approved the design on a 5-0 vote.

They're Baaaack... - Hotel Lexington (VII) and the Toraya Block Tear Down  

ARFRR provides a detailed look and criticism of developer’s detailed plans for both proposals.

Mass. Ave., hotel developers told to come back in July 

Those questioning development were out in force virtually at the Monday, May 18, as Redevelopment Board members listened and weighed in with their own sharp views. Two votes summed up those opinions: Return to the board in July with clearer focuses.

ARB Meeting with public comment on Docket 3602 for 1207-1211 Massachusetts Avenue 

The ARB continued review, and attracted a number of comments on the project. Developers were asked to come back with more answers on a number of topics for a potential July continuation.

ARB Meeting continuing discussion to future meeting 

The ARB continued discussion of Docket #3602 to a future meeting

ARB Documents About Hotel Lexington Plans 

This March posting includes numerous links to applicant documents and comments on the project. The ARB’s continued public hearing will occur on March 16, 2020, room TBD (Note: The 16-March meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19).

The Heights Hotel Part V - What is Wrong with this Picture? 

The second hearing for the Hotel Lexington was held on Monday, January 27.  There was a good turnout of residents to observe and offer their views. (Includes important ARFRR commentary)

Proposed Heights hotel-restaurant draws opposition 

The Redevelopment Board took action on one aspect of the 50-room boutique hotel and upscale restaurant planned for 1207-1211 Mass. Ave., the current site of automotive businesses and the Disabled American Veterans building.

Draft Redevelopment Board Minutes from 27 January 2020 including Docket # 3602 
27-Jan-2020 ACMi Video

The ARB discussed Hotel Lexington Matters, pp 1.. et al, covering many detailed matters about the then-proposed design, including many public comments, and the board voting on a 50% fee waiver.

Arlington Redevelopment Board - Jan 27th, 2020 - Steve Revilak notes 

Unofficial notes from ARB meeting on Hotel Lexington and other matters (Apotheca, citizen petitions) by Steve Revilak.

The Heights Hotel Part IV - Is the Wait Over? 

A QUICK RECAP on the “Hotel Lexington” project.  The last real news goes way back to July 22 when residents gathered in the Lyons Room to hear the proposal and provide their concerns.  The developer left with a long list of potential problems and zoning issues to resolve. 

Formal ARB Minutes 16 December 2019 
16-Dec-2019 ACMi Video

Public comment discussed notable fee waivers: ‘Mr. Seltzer said that the Board has yet to approve the waiver and fees have not yet been paid’, and there were a number of questions about fees as well.

ARFRR Blog about developer's delays in ARB hearings 

Once again the next hearing has been cancelled.  Attorney Mary Winstanley O’Conner has written to the Redevelopment Board asking that it be continued to January 27th, without explanation of reason of the delay or why the developer waited so long to make this last minute request.

ARFRR Report on first ARB meeting  

Back on July 22, the Redevelopment Board correctly anticipated the strong neighborhood interest in the proposal for a boutique hotel on two lots at 1207-1211 Mass Ave and moved the hearing to the larger Lyons Conference Room.  Even so, it was standing room only with some of the crowd spilling out into the hallway.

Board, residents pepper proposed hotel with comments 

The second hotel proposed for the town drew requests for a range of fresh detail from the Redevelopment Board as well as pointed comments from 19 of about 50 residents on Monday, July 22.

Hearing held for town's 2nd hotel proposed near Heights 

An estimated 50 people attended a hearing Monday, July 22, for a propose second hotel in Arlington, at the site of the long-closed Disabled American Veterans social club and a currently open automotive repair shop in the Heights.

Notes on ARB meeting by Steve Revilak 

A developer is proposing to construct a hotel on two parcels on Mass Ave. The 1211 parcel is currently owned by the developer; the 1207 parcel is a former Disabled American Veterans Club building, which is owned by the town. The developer is interested in purchasing the property from the town, contingent upon being granted a special permit to build the hotel.

Hotel proposed for 1211 Massachusetts Ave. - News - The Arlington Advocate - Arlington, MA 

Article on original Hotel Lexington proposal (Paywall)

Original ARB meeting on Hotel Lexington 
22-Jul-2019 ACMi Video

Click through to see developer’s original planning documents for the hotel.

The Heights Hotel - History and Details 

It was news to many Arlington residents this week that the Town was negotiating the development of a hotel on Mass Ave in the Heights.  Actually, it has been a long drawn out process that has not gone as first envisioned.  Here is the background story…

Developer Releases More Details About Proposed Arlington Hotel 

The developer behind a proposed boutique hotel in Arlington Heights has released more details about the project ahead of a Redevelopment Board hearing July 22.

Memo on Hotel Lexington Plans from Developer 

Detailed letter by the developer of plans and replies to questions from the ARB and town.

Boutique Hotel, Restaurant Proposed for Arlington 

An article in YourArlington confirms what we were told by a source last week, that a boutique hotel is being proposed for the former Disabled American Veterans site and the still-running Precision Tire and Alignment on Mass. Ave. on the eastern edge of Arlington Heights, with the post saying that the four-story hotel would have 50 rooms and an upscale dining spot.

Arlington Residents For Responsible Redevelopment 

Grass-roots group working to ensure that redevelopment is in the best interests of our residents and businesses, by advocating for the preservation and creation of affordable housing, accountable government, a robust business sector, and the protection of our natural environment.