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Resources about how Arlington is complying with MBTA Communities law required zoning changes.

On 17-October Special Town Meeting will meet to take up any ARB-recommended warrant articles, as well as any other properly submitted articles to TM. Once any final articles are passed by Town Meeting, they will be sent to the state for approval.

ARB Meeting 11-September Discussed Changes

The ARB had a long meeting to discuss their regular agenda as well as the WG report, including voluminous public comment.

Final WG Report And Recommendations

The WG final recommendations are sent to the ARB, read about additional reports presented.

Who’s Who

Mapping Tools

Along with the normal Arlington GIS maps, various state agencies have useful mapping tools to visualize maps with multiple dimensions, including density, parking, open space, and more.

Comparable Towns Approaches

Here’s how some comparable or nearby towns to Arlington are addressing the MBTA Communities law. You can also see all Action Plans submitted to the state.


Special Town Meeting Official Date 

A Special Town Meeting has been called for 17-October to act on the ARB reviewed plan for Arlington’s compliance with the MBTA Communities law. Warrant opens 11-September.

ARB Meeting Video for 2-Oct meeting; 1 hour 

ACMI coverage of ARB meeting with more bylaws discussion.

ARB Meeting Agenda for 10-Oct 
Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 2-Oct ARB meeting 
ARB Meeting Video for 2-Oct meeting; 4 hours 

Full ACMi coverage of the ARB meeting discussing many bylaws proposals.

ARB Meeting Agenda for 2-Oct, last review of bylaws? 
ARB Notice on STM Citizen Warrant Article K 


Town Meeting Procedures Committee - Agenda 
Town Meeting Procedures Committee - Hybrid Meeting Notice 

STMM Procedures Committee meeting notice, hybrid in Town Hall Annex and on Zoom.

[TMM] Announcements for the Special Town Meeting 

TMM email describing STM format and location; also notes that MBTA Zoning articles will not be taken up until 23-October at the earliest.

Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 18-Sep ARB meeting 
ARB Meeting Video from 18-Sep meeting 

ACMi provided official video covering a 2 hour ARB meeting reviewing warrant articles.

ARB Meeting Minutes for 18-Sep 
Draft Warrant A: Multi-Family Residential Overlay Districts 

First warrant article being reviewed by the ARB; enacting zoning updates based on WG recommendation; maps still unclear.

ARB Listing of proposed STM Warrant Articles 

ARB includes an overview of proposed text of a number of zoning-related warrant articles to be submitted to STM; see also earlier December 2022 Arlington DPCD memo to ARB.

ARB Meeting Agenda for 18-Sep review of zoning bylaw 
Your Arlington's updated coverage of 11-Sep ARB meeting 

ARB, MBTA Working Group, residents speak out at Sept. 11 meeting in Town Hall.

Kristin Anderson's meeting notes from 11-Sep WG Meeting 
Draft Warrants B thru J: ARB Draft Amendments for Fall 2023 Special Town Meeting 

STM proposed warrant articles from the ARB or Arlington’s DPCD department; various specific changes to setbacks, dimensional requirements, and the like.

ARB Meeting Minutes from 11-Sep meeting 
Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 11-Sep ARB meeting 

Includes a brief description of each of the public comment speeches.

ARB Meeting Video from 11-Sep meeting 

ACMi provided official video covering the entire 3 hour ARB meeting.

ARB Meeting Agenda including citizen commentary (PDF, 208pp) 

Detailed ARB Meeting agenda, including various town reports and 100 (yes, one hundred) pages of citizen emails sent to the ARB.

ARB Meeting online agenda with just citizen emailed comments 

Online format of all citizen emails recieved by the ARB before the 11-September meeting.

ARB Meeting notice for 11-Sep review of zoning bylaw 

ARB meets 11-Sep to review final WG Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment.

WG Final Alternative 1 Zoning maps - viewable 
WG Final Alternative 1 Zoning maps - data and shape files 
WG Final Alternative 2 Zoning maps - viewable 
WG Final Alternative 2 Zoning maps - data and shape files 
WG Final Report And Recommendations 

WG’s published final report, 51 pages, outlining their process, recommendations, and maps being proposed.

WG Final Zoning Bylaw Amendment 

WG’s Final bylaws amendment, edited 6-Sep with updates.

Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 5-Sep WG meeting 

Discussion of how the WG wrote and updated their final report.

ARB Meeting notice for 11-Sep review of maps 

ARB meets 11-Sep to review final WG Proposed Zoning Maps - both alternatives 1 and 2.

WG Preliminary Zoning Bylaw Amendment 

WG recommendation for the specific zoning bylaw being sent to the ARB for approval to go to town meeting.

WG Preliminary Alternative 1 Zoning maps 

Final WG precommended zoning map being sent to ARB.

WG Preliminary Alternative 1 Zoning maps 

Second alternative map for the ARB’s review.

Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 29-August WG Meeting 
ARFRR's unofficial minutes of the WG Meeting, 29-August 
WG Meeting Summary, 29-August 
Arlington DPCD updated communities guidline discussion 

Letter from Arlington’s planning director, explaining details for Arlington’s case of 17-August update from EOHLC.

Your Arlington's coverage of 29-August WG Meeting 
WG Report on July 2023 Community Survey 

Detailed overview and report on complete data from the July 2023 survey sent out. (88p PDF)

WG Meeting, 29-August, agenda 
Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 28-August ARB meeting 
ACMi's video coverage of ARB Meeting 28-August 
ARB Meeting Minutes 28-August 

Along with normal dockets, the ARB discussed how they would review the final WG report once it came to the ARB

ARFRR's unofficial minutes of the WG Meeting, 15-August 
MA EOHLC 'Revisions to Section 3A Compliance Guidelines' 

Updated guidance from the MA Executive Office of Housing & Livable Communities, detailing updated guidelines for mixed-use districts and other grant qualifications. (PDF)

Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 15-August WG Meeting 
WG Meeting Summary, 15-August 

Detailed unofficial summary of the WG Meeting on 15-August, including details of votes made on plan changes.

New 15-August Draft Map 

Newly updated draft map for 15-Aug meeting with townwide,East, and Center maps plus output data on housing numbers.

WG Meeting, 15-August, Detailed Presentation slides 

UTILE’s 8/15 Draft HCA Districts Update presentation, with updated maps and chart of numbers. (PDF)

WG Meeting, 15-August, calendar note 
Steve Revilak's meeting notes from 8-August WG Meeting 
WG Meeting, 08-August, UTILE presentation 

UTILE’s presentation slides of ‘Arlington 3A Zoning District Scenarios’ with updated map variations, (PDF)

WG Meeting, 08-August, agenda 
Kristin Anderson's meeting notes from 08-August WG Meeting 
Chuck Carney's meeting notes from 08-August WG Meeting 
DPCD Video Discussing town planning 

In this DPCD Update, Claire Ricker, Arlington’s Director of Planning and Community Development provides updates on MBTA Communities, Electrify Arlington, and the Transformative Growth Grant program.

WG Public Meeting, 1-Aug, summary 

Brief review of the 1-August WG meeting with discussions and list of recent documents reviewed

WG Public Meeting, 1-Aug, agenda 
Affordable Housing Bonus Memo, 31-July 

Details of bonus height bonus related to additional %age of affordable housing.

Criteria For Environmental Bonus Memo - 31-July 

Planing dept recommends using the SITES rating system.

Sustainable Sites Initiative 

Independent group for scoring sustainability of proposed developments, with a SITES rating.

Your Arlington coverage of July 25 meeting 

Views on zoning plan are all over the map.

DPCD Zoning Recommendations Memo - 28-July 

Planning dept new recommendations; 15ft front setback; bonus size criteria.

WG Draft Map, July 25 
WG Meeting agenda, July 25 
WG Public Meeting, July 25 - video 
WG Public Meeting, July 25 - slide deck 
Your Arlington coverage of ARB Meeting 

ARB discusses updated map about proposed zoning for denser housing.

Your Arlington coverage of ARB & WG meeting 

3-D MBTA Communities representation unveiled, as setbacks, trees discussed.

WG Draft Map, July 18 
WG Meeting agenda, July 18 
WG Draft Map, July 11 
WG Meeting summary, July 11 
WG Meeting notes, July 11 
WG Meeting summary, June 27 
Your Arlington coverage of early MBTA meetings 

Well over 100 turn out to view latest MBTA Communities Working Group zoning map.

WG Draft Map, June 22 
WG Meeting summary, June 20 
WG Draft Map, June 8 
WG Community Meeting - video 
WG Community Meeting - summary 
WG Community Meeting - slide deck 
WG Community Meeting - outreach materials 
WG Community Meeting - group activities 
WG Draft Map, June 6 
WG Meeting summary, June 6 
Your Arlington coverage of community survey 

Residents support business, shared space, multifamily housing near transit, survey says.

WG Meeting summary, May 30 
WG Meeting summary, May 23 
Your Arlington coverage of MBTA communities law 

Town faces zoning effort in fall; let’s start talking.

WG Meeting summary, May 16 
WG Meeting summary, May 4 
Summary report of March/April community survey 
Community Survey detail answers 

Detailed survey data provided by WG member Steve Revilak.

All Action Plans submitted to state 

Downloadable listing of Action Plans submitted by all MBTA Communities.

WG Meeting summary, March 28 
March 16 presentation by Utile to Arlington 
WG Draft Map, May 16, version 1 
WG Draft Map, May 16, version 2 
DPCD and WG Kickoff community visioning - video 
DPCD and WG Kickoff community visioning - slide deck 
Your Arlington coverage of early MBTA survey 

MBTA Communities’ survey deadline passes.

WG Meeting summary, February 28 
WG Meeting summary, February 13 
WG Meeting summary, February 2 
Arlington MBTA Action Plan 

Original response by Arlington to the MBTA Communities requirements. (PDF)

Arlington MBTA Communities Working Group (WG) Homepage 
Arlington Working Group FAQ 

FAQ of the town’s working group process and schedule.

MHP Residensity Map tool 

Interactive map showing residential density in specific areas, down to parcel level.

MHP TODEX Transit Map tool 

Interactive map showing density near all MBTA stations.

MHP DataTown open data 

Open data listing of housing & demographic info for all MA towns.

MAPC Transit Mapper tool 

Map of transit stations with detailed analysis of nearby neighborhoods.

MassMapper, generalized mapping tool. 

Detailed and interactive mapping tool covering all of Mass with multiple layers.

State DHCD Guidelines for Compliance 

MA Dept. of Housing and Community Development detailed guidelines for compliance by towns.

State Housing Partnership 

MA Housing Partnership round up of information on MBTA communities.

Housing Partnership Webinars 

MA Housing Partnership recorded videos discussing how towns can approach the MBTA communities planning process.

MA State resources for communities 

Comprehensive list of resources for town or city planners around the law.

MA EOHLC replaces DHCD 

Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities is the new name of the DHCD.

MA Compliance tools 

Compliance tools and maps for communities to certify MBTA Communities law status.

Lincoln Institute articles on law 

Series of land policy think tank articles on the MBTA Communities law.

Arlington DPCD memo to ARB re: Redevelopment Board 2023 Zoning Amendments 
DPCD Presentation to Arlington - video 
DPCD Presentation to Arlington - slide deck 
MGA Housing Choice Legislation 

MA legislation updating MGL c.40A, changing voting thresholds for towns to change local zoning laws.

Equitable Arlington advocacy group 

Equitable Arlington envisions a vibrant, diverse, sustainable, and inclusive Arlington, where people at every stage of life and at all income levels can find a home.

Arlington Residents For Responsible Redevelopment 

A grass-roots group in Arlington, MA working to ensure that redevelopment is in the best interests of our residents and businesses.

Stephen Revilak meeting notes 

Meeting notes (unofficial) from MBTA Communities WG meetings, among other meetings.

Your Arlington town planning coverage  

Listing of all Your Arlington articles on MBTA Communities or zoning issues.