One of David Mugar’s development companies is proposing to build a 207 unit apartment building and townhouses as a 40B development between Dorothy Road, Burtch Street, the Thorndike dog park, and Route 2. Plans for developing this property have stretched for years. In 2015, the town objected to the developer’s plans, after which the developer applied for 40B status to bypass many local zoning restrictions.

This is a large and complex project attempting to add housing atop a wetland area, and directly butting up against some local residences. Several local advocacy groups are each working to oppose this development on various fronts. Now, in mid-2020, the development planning is going before the Zoning Board of Appeals with new questions.

Sources below are from: town committees, town budgets/finance, news sites, the developer and related companies, or citizen groups or blogs.

Thorndike Place Comprehensive Permit Application 

Town webpage pointing to all originally submitted Thorndike Place applications, permits, and supporting materials given to the town.

Zoning Board Of Appeals Meeting 20-August 

Agenda for ZBA meeting discussing Thorndike place plan details on various subjects.

Q & A on the Mugar Wetlands / Thorndike Place 40B Project In East Arlington  

ARFRR discusses issues with building in a floodplain and differences in plans provided about the project.

Redevelopment Board Meeting 

Discussion: Thorndike Place Comprehensive Permit (Agenda item 2); discussion continued to future meeting.

Zoning Board Of Appeals - Agenda 

Agenda and links to documents presented at ZBA meeting on 10-Dec-2019 about Thorndike place; includes link to official ZBA minutes.

Thorndike Place Stamped Set - 3/16/2020 

Detailed maps and drawings of proposed Thorndike Place buildings, roads, and infrastructure for permitting process.

Your Arlington Articles On Thorndike Place 

Your Arlington local news has been covering various aspects of the Mugar development at Thorndike Place for several years.

Coalition To Save the Mugar Wetlands 

Advocacy group working to save the wetlands and Arlington’s floodplain and stop the Thorndike Place project.

Arlington Land Trust - Mugar Updates 

The Arlington Land Trust works to preserve open space in Arlington, and is tracking the Mugar project’s potential effects on our landscape.

Arlington Residents For Responsible Redevelopment 

Grass-roots group working to ensure that redevelopment is in the best interests of our residents and businesses, by advocating for the preservation and creation of affordable housing, accountable government, a robust business sector, and the protection of our natural environment.

CoUrbanize Overview of Thorndike Place project 

A developer’s overview of the entire project, with occasional blog updates from related development companies.

Oaktree Development, LLC 

Website of development corporation managing the Thorndike Place project.

Arlington Land Realty, LLC - MA State records 

Corporation lookup data of owner of Thorndike Place in MA corporate records.