Wondering what the Redevelopment Board (ARB), Select Board, or School Committee have been doing? Find it hard to navigate the town’s website to get to the details of what’s happening in board meetings? Try my new meeting trackers below, making following along with current and past committee meetings in town simpler!

See my guide to all the town hall committees!

While the town website staff do a great job, the website software is not very end-user friendly. While Massachusetts Open Meeting Laws ensures you could get materials, finding them requires going to several pages for each committee. I’ve centralized all that, so you can see in one page a simple historical view of what a committee has done. My handy synopsis includes direct links to all the official materials, but in an easier to use format.

Town Board Meetings Trackers

I’m working on adding other boards here. For now, see agendas from 2020-2018 for: