All About Proposed Hotel Lexington

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You may have heard about one developer’s plans to build a new boutique hotel and restaurant at 1211 Mass Ave - although you might not know why it’s going to be called ‘Hotel Lexington’ (I don’t!).

If you’re curious to know more, I’ve collected links to source documents and key newspaper articles in my Issues about Hotel Lexington page.

Briefly, a while back the town decided to sell it’s parcel where the now defunct Disabled American Veteran’s club is - between Leader Bank in the Heights and Nicolas. A local developer who owns an adjoining lot made an agreement to purchase the town’s lot, presuming they could all agree on zoning or other changes to build the hotel.

The original plans were presented last July; many questions were raised.
The town’s Redevelopment Board and the developer have been very slowly working on asking questions and updating the developer’s proposal.

To follow along with what’s happened so far, read about Hotel Lexington issues.

The next action on Hotel Lexington has been continued to the next Redevelopment Board’s meeting on March 16th, 2020.