All About The AHS Rebuild Project

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Our town is currently in the middle of a major project to completely rebuild the Arlington High School. You’ve certainly heard about different parts of the process - whether the design, the green features, the timing of construction, or of course the cost. This is a complicated subject, and there are a lot of both citizen groups advocating for various things, as well as different town or state groups with official plans or budgets.

I’ve started collecting some of the key links to understand what’s going on over in my Issues page about the AHS Rebuild - please check it out, and let me know if you have key links to add!

If you’re in a hurry, the most important thing to read is the Town’s official AHS Rebuild website, which inclues basic links to all current parts of the plan, construction dates, budgets, and more. For other source documents and news stories, see my AHS Rebuild issues page.

Currently, the next meeting for the AHS Rebuild Committee will be March 3rd, 2020.