It’s time for town elections this Saturday, April 1st! For folks who still enjoy voting in person, here’s your handy list of everyone running. If you voted by mail, the state has an official Track My Ballot tool to see when it got to the clerk’s office.

Read the official Arlington, MA Town Election page and the Your Arlington election coverage, watch the many ACMi video interviews & debates with candidates, and see the League of Women Voters candidate night!

Select Board Candidates (3 years)

Watch the ACMi Select Board debate.

Vote for not more than two candidates for Select Board:

School Committee (3 years)

Watch the ACMi School Committee Debate or read candidate answers to ACMi questions.

Vote for not more than three School Committee members:

Board Of Assessors (3 years)

Vote for not more than one (or write in a name!):

Town Clerk (3 years)

Vote for not more than one:

Town Meeting Members By Precinct

Various slots for town meeting are up for election in all 21 town meeting precincts. Read the official list of TMM candidates (PDF) or see the whole list of TMM Candidate Statements (PDF) from the town website.