The 2023 Annual Arlington, MA Town Meeting warrant process is now open! Any resident can work to gather the necessary 10 resident signatures (PDF) to place a warrant article on this year’s town meeting agenda.

The town publishes a meeting FAQ and has an introduction and information for Town Meeting Members (TMMs). Anyone in town can follow along any warrant questions on the TMM mailing list.

Remember that warrant articles submitted may be edited by Town Counsel or otherwise to ensure they’d actually legally work within the town bylaws.

What’s Coming For Town Meeting 2023

The town’s meeting website is much improved from earlier years, so once the warrant is posted in February the best place is to look there. Some warrant articles will end up having local followings or controversies; for those, I’ll include a link to relevant discussions here. You can also follow Your Arlington, which provides good local news coverage in Arlington, MA and covers past Town Meetings in Arlington, MA.