UPDATE Please see https://mutualaidarlington.org for more current information!

All Library Facilities Closed

All Minuteman Library Network libraries are now closed due to COVID-19 health issues. So it’s time to think outside the library, for online resources, or break down and buy used books if you can afford it!

Online Library Resources

With your library card (NOTE: local libraries offer free online signup for a new card!), you can still read books on your devices:

Many people are collecting lists of online learning resources, here’s one giant list to start with:

Google Spreadsheet of Education companies offering free subscriptions during COVID

Local Bookstores

Several local bookstores now offer delivery or pickup.

There are also several great online used bookstores that have great prices and selection - if you’re desperate for new books, but don’t want to pay Amazon or Barnes & Noble prices, check out Better Worlds Books (my referral link for $5 off a $30 order, they’re a certified B corporation!), Abe Books, or ALibris for ideas.

Other Great Resources? Send In Updates!

If you have other good resources - especially from government sources or with serious scientific backing - please send them in, I’ll update this.
Similarly, if you are working on a resource list, or have a volunteer list to help people stuck at home, let me know and I can link it.

If you’re on Github’: just click “Propose change on GitHub” to make a PR. Otherwise, email shane@menotomymatters.com with your suggestions.

Thanks for reading!