Important Coronavirus/COVID-19 resources for Arlington

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UPDATE Please see for more current information!

Now that Arlington town government and all public schools are closed for ~two weeks~ a while, here are some key COVID-19 resources, both local and scientific.

What Is Arlington Doing?

The town announced public facilities closures starting Thursday March 12th, for two or more weeks:

Food Resources

Housing Resources

Local Government Resources

Scientific And Trusted News Resources

There are a lot of scientists working on this - a lot of scammers too.
Check sources before sending articles along - it’s almost always worth finding the underlying scientific report or alert, instead of sharing that clickbait article on some website you found.

There are a lot of fancy data maps or visualizations tracking the spread of COVID-91, including one by a high school student. A handful of ones from well-researched sources are here:

Other Great Resources? Send In Updates!

If you have other good resources - especially from government sources or with serious scientific backing - please send them in, I’ll update this.
Similarly, if you are working on a resource list, or have a volunteer list to help people stuck at home, let me know and I can link it.

If you’re on Github’: just click “Propose change on GitHub” to make a PR. Otherwise, email with your suggestions.

Thanks for reading!