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The new MBTA Communities law, now requires 177 towns or cities in MA to have at least one zoning district that allows multi-family housing permitted by right, along with other requirements. MBTA Communities are those that either have major MBTA train, subway, or bus stops or are adjacent to major stops. While the state legislature passed the changes to Section 3A of MGL c. 40A in 2021, implementation details at state and local levels have continued to be worked on. Now in summer 2023 are the final local public comment periods in Arlington to decide how our town will comply with the new law.

As a major change to zoning laws, this is generating significant controversy in town. The Arlington MBTA communities working group has had numerous public meetings, along with many versions of proposed updated zoning maps. Here’s an overview of some facts and Your Arlington news coverage.

Arlington WG Current Status

There has been a LOT of discussion in town on this complex topic. If you’re interested in learning more facts about the law, and seeing what the Arlington Working Group has actually been doing, read the Issues Guide To MBTA Communities. The Issues Guide includes links to all WG meetings, news stories, mapping tools, and more.