Reviewing Town Meeting 2023 records I read the detailed official voting records of each session. Much to my surprise, I saw votes on right triangles in Euclidian space? What? Redefining geometry itself seems like a bit of a stretch for Arlington TMM members, although little would surprise me there.

Arlington Votes On Free Speech, Triangles, Stenography

Did you know that Arlington’s official town meeting vote summaries includes these questions?

  1. Will the Town Meeting finish in five nights? (motion fails: Yes: 101, No: 102, Abstain: 11)
  2. Do you enjoy discussing budgets? (motion passes: Yes: 122, No: 71, Abstain: 19)
  3. Are there more precincts in Arlington than [keys] on a stenographic keyboard? (motion passes, even though it’s not true: Yes: 99, No: 87, Abstain: 21)
  4. I support free speech for people I disagree with. (motion passes: Yes: 202, No: 7, Abstain: 13)
  5. The square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides in a Euclidian 2-space. (motion passes: Yes: 143, No: 81, Abstain: 0)
  6. Tonight will be the final night of 2023 annual town meeting. (motion passes: Yes: 193, No: 8, Abstain: 2)

At first I thought this was someone in the IT department checking to see if anyone actually reads the Electronic Voting Reports. But I realized these are just the test votes used to ensure that the remote keypads each TMM uses to vote on articles is working.

Watch the TM Moderator showing their stenography chops when discussing the test vote one night.

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