The 2023 Annual Town Meeting began Monday, April 24, 2023, returning once again to an in-person traditional meeting. Seating was expanded outside of the traditional auditorium to include a balcony area, and also a satellite room with bidirectional video and audio for TMMs concerned with COVID exposure. Town meeting was ended after 7 sessions on May 15th

View the town’s annotated 2023 Town Meeting Warrant or 2023 TMM PDF download.

Arlington also held a Special Town Meeting on May 3rd alongside the TM to address two specific articles, voting on future hybrid meetings (in-person and remote), and voting on special legislation around police recruitment and civil service exemptions.

What Happened At 2023 Town Meeting in Arlington, MA

This year featured online tracking of articles discussed and voted at each session, which helps to show how TM makes progress through the entire warrant.

What Happened At 2023 Special Town Meeting in Arlington, MA