Vote for Shane for Town Meeting in the 12th!

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Hello! My name is Shane Curcuru, and I’m candidate for Town Meeting in the 12th Precinct atop the Heights, because I want to see more transparency in town government. If elected to TMM, I will publicly blog every issue I research, and try to explain what the various warrant articles actually mean and how various committees work. See the draft 2020 warrant articles, annotated and my Amazing Agendas Meeting Trackers covering Select Board, ARB, and School Committee meetings, and my Election 2020 Guide for some of my work bringing clarity to town government.

We have a great town, and some great people working for the town and volunteering on various committees. But it’s still to hard to understand what’s going on in different meetings or behind the scenes. My goal is to help Arlingtonians find all the source documents behind the committee meeting agendas, and help you understand what they really mean. An informed citizenry is the most important thing to keep town meeting and democracy working well.

Remember: Town election day is Saturday, June 6th! Read my step-to-step guide for how to vote early by mail. Most polling stations are planned to be open; however staffing limitations may mean a handfull of polling places may be moved to other existing polls.

Please make sure to vote, no matter what Precinct you’re in, since there are several important and competitive Town elections this year.
Also, I hope if you’re in the 12th Precinct, you’ll vote for Shane Curcuru as one of your four choices for Town Meeting!

Have More Questions ?

If you’ve got other questions either about how to get things done with town government, or questions about what I’d do as a Town Meeting Member in the 12th Precinct, let me know at!