Debating how to vote? The best way to learn about the candidates is to read their own words or watch the interviews - not to read Facebook comments. To help, here’s a list of all the major candidates and what’s available online about them! Reminder: Arlington’s elections page has all the details about how to vote - at your normal precinct in most cases. If you got a vote-by-mail ballot and haven’t yet returned it, you can still return ballots at drop boxes until 8PM election day (drop boxes: Fox library, town hall, outside ACMi in Heights).

Bob Sprague’s Your Arlington also covers all the major races. The League of Women Voters has detailed overview of all candidates and has a video of Candidate’s Night.

Curious About Town Meeting Votes? Dylan and other folks have a great visualization of Town Meeting Member’s votes per warrant article in 2020!

Select Board - electing 2 seats for 3 years

Read all about the Select Board, and view my Meeting Agenda Tracker, and watch the ACMi Select Board debate.

Eric D. Helmuth

Jennifer R. Susse

John V. Hurd (incumbent)

School Committee - electing 2 seats for 3 years

Read all about the School Committee Board, and view my Meeting Agenda Tracker.

Jane Pierce Morgan (incumbent)

Jeffrey D. Thielman (incumbent)

Assessors electing 1 seat for 3 years

Read all about the Board of Assessors and watch the ACMi Assessors Debate.

Kevin P. Feeley (incumbent)

Guillermo S. Hamlin

Phillip P. Lohnes

Housing Authority electing 1 seat for 5 years

Nicholas C. Mitropoulos (incumbent)

Kelda Kristen Fontenot

If you’re still reading, and you live in Precinct 12 atop the heights, Shane is running for Town Meeting too!